Jan 162014

In the summer of 2013, following a number of years in the cycling wilderness, Dominic Free decided enough was enough and got back into some serious training. We caught up with him to find out more about his comeback, how his training is going, and his motivations for the coming season.

May 302013

The GRC Prodigy

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Dave Scott’s junior times have been added to the GRC club records shown within the History page. These records are all over 22 years old.

May 302010
While recovering from having his knee joint replaced a few weeks ago, Alan Menzies kindly took the time to type up some Glasgow Road Club history.
Mar 022010
Riding the Glasgow Underground

Riding the Glasgow Underground

I can remember watching a TV show called ‘True or False’ in the 1990s. Each episode presented two bizarre stories and challenged the viewers to judge which one was true and which was false. In one particular episode, a man demonstrated his hobby of going on bike rides on unused sections of the London Underground. It sounded too good to be true and, indeed, we found out at the end of the show that it was just another of the production team’s fantasies.

Glasgow Road Club’s Treasurer John Cameron claims to have been mountain biking down on the tracks of the Glasgow Underground in December 1993. This seems equally far-fetched, however he has photographic evidence to prove that it actually happened!

Feb 232010
A young Dominic Free

Young Dominic Free, a good climber

It’s almost 12 years since GRC rider Dominic Free, who had then recently turned 18, was selected to ride as part of the Scottish team in the 1998 edition of The Junior Tour of Wales, an annual three-day cycle race held around Brynmawr, Blaenau Gwent, Wales. The event has run since 1981, attracting international teams as well as national teams from Wales, Ireland, Isle of Man and Scotland.

Feb 092010

One honorary member of the Glasgow Road Club is now known as a ‘Million Kilometer Man’ by the CTC, thanks to his life-long insatiable appetite for eating up the tarmac in his spare time. In 1967 he set the record for the fastest ride between Gretna and John O’Groats , which stood until 1992. More remarkable is the fact that he still holds the Scottish 24 hour time trial competition record (448.70 miles), also set in 1967 whilst wearing our pale blue. This man is long-distance legend George Berwick.

George BerwickGeorge’s best racing days were long before my time but I’ve heard accounts that he was faster over very long distances than short ones, which totally defies logic. That trivia is surely contorted folklore; however, it serves as an illustration of how highly he was regarded as a specialist in endurance events.

Further to the above mentioned standards set in the 1960s, George’s completion of Paris-Brest-Paris (1200 Km) in ‘79, ‘87, ‘91 & ’99 and his epic Aberdeen- Ardnamurchan-Aberdeen ride in 34.5 hours are highly respectable accomplishments.