Glasgow Road Club was formed in 1927. Originally, to become a member of the GRC you already had to be a member of the Cyclists’ Touring Club (CTC).

In order to use the Glasgow coat of arms (pictured) as the club badge, permission was obtained from the Glasgow Corporation. The 2010 club jersey reintroduced this historic graphic.

In the 1960s, GRC member George Berwick established himself as the king of long distance time trialling, breaking some Scottish competition records along the way, including the Gretna-John O’Groats and 24 hour (448.70 miles) which still stand and will not be broken as these events are no longer contested. For his outstanding achievements, George was made an honorary member of the Glasgow Road Club.

In later years, whilst the club maintained its touring tradition, the membership included quality time trial riders, track riders, and road racers. In the 1990s, many of the club’s time trial records were broken, some never improved upon since, and others not to be bettered until over 10 years later.

The Club Hut

The club hut was an ex-MOD nissen hut situated in a disused U-shaped quarry (Alan Menzies is probably one of the few current members to have been at it). It was eventually taken over to make way for Erskine new town.

Alec Craig and one other cycled from Glasgow with a full length replacement flue pipe for the fire, one riding at the front and the other at the rear. Quite a feat of cycle control and just as well there was not so much traffic.

GRC 1954

Some Hard Runs?

The Glasgow Road Club old guard once ventured on an innocent ride to the Shortwoodend YH somewhere beyond Peebles, leaving together with CTC members one Saturday pm. In the darkness near the YH one rider was missing – the group turned back and found his bike on the road near a humped backed bridge, no rider! He was found lying on top of the hedge uninjured. He was exhausted and when going over the the bridge at speed did not have the strength to hold on to the bike. Some hard runs?

Shortwoodend Youth Hostel

A Club of Great Inventors!..

The club had two members at the forefront of equipment design.

Alec Craig (of flue pipe fame) developed a junior attachment for the rear of a tandem which raised the cranks directly above the rear bottom bracket and could be adjusted in height to suit the rider. It is thought he did not invent the idea but modified it so that the junior rider could freewheel separate from the the front rider which was a great advantage. Alan Menzies was one of the first to use it and on this occasion it was to Kirkmichael Y H between Pitlochry and the Braemar road near Black Lunans. It was passed on through the club as needed.

Duncan Connell devised the first version of a trigger control for Sturmey Archer hub gears and passed it on to the company who utilised it and developed it. The original control was like points levers in a railway signal box middle was second gear and to change you pushed lever to right and forward or back to engage pin in hole. Duncan went to America and stayed there for many years before returning to Southern England.

Duncan's trigger

Club Magazine

The club also had a mag that contained news items, race results etc. plus daft wee stories

How to turn in a time trial GRC-style

During a race, John Keddie went round the turn roundabout twice and, when asked why, said “well one good turn deserves another” …good excuse for missing your exit.

The club prizes and trophy winners

The most recent list of the annual club championships and trophy winners included:

  • Senior BAR
  • Middle Marker
  • Robertson Trophy
  • Road Race
  • Junior
  • Track
  • Hill Climb
  • Schoolboy
  • Panton Trophy
  • Confined 2up
  • 10 League

Club Time Trial Records

The following table shows the current club time trial records over standard distances. The Juvenile and Junior 10 records were set in ‘confined’ events at the West Ferry course. The club had historically recognised performances in ‘Open’ events (Schoolboy, Gary Woods 24:4X and Junior, Dave Scott 22:42)

GRC records

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